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How is your organization doing in terms of design maturity?

Each level of training will help you gain knowledge in the 6 dimensions of our Design Maturity Model.



  • Is design-centricity sponsored and endorsed by top management? Is UX strategy defined and shared across departments?
  • Does everyone have a shared understanding of the organization’s business objectives and a clear vision towards customer experience strategy?
  • Does everyone work towards continuous customer-centric improvement?
  • Can the investment in design projects be measured and linked to revenue?


  • Does customer-centric design pervade all projects and is it understood to be a key differentiator that brings strong value over the long-term?
  • Do teams collaborate on different stages of the design process towards a valuable and meaningful product or service (front stage and back stage)?
  • Is design data-driven?
  • Is prototyping part of your regular process?


  • Does your organization invest in cross-functional teams who tackle design problems from different perspectives?
  • Do team members have a customer-centric mindset and collaborate across departmental boundaries to achieve a superior customer experience?
  • Do you have the right mix of skills to solve complex design problems?


  • Is everyone aware of the importance of customer-centricity to provide the best experience, and does the organization actively support it?
  • Are continuous learning and knowledge-sharing encouraged to build capacity and leverage complementary skill sets?
  • Do empathy and customer insights drive design decisions?
  • Is everyone encouraged to support innovation?


  • Are multiple data sources being tracked to quantify CX across the organization, discover opportunities and drive business innovation?
  • Are traditional KPIs complemented by Key Experience Indicators (KEI)?
  • Are multiple data sources tracked to quantity customer experience across the ecosystem?
  • Do you measure the business impact of design decisions?


  • Are valuable insights collected across the customer journey and embedded into the design of all products and services?
  • How do you collect customer data?
  • Is the research process well structured?

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The UX-PM Certification Program is sponsored by UXalliance, a global network connecting 27 world-leading independent User Experience (UX) companies.

UX-PM experts trainers are members of the UXalliance Network.

Our global user research service helps large global organizations develop better international products & services, by providing them with highly reliable local research, insight, and design through one single point of contact.


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Strategy Director, Symetria UX

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UX Director, Proda|UXspring

Helga Stegmann

CEO, Mantaray Africa

Rajesh Ghodke

Head of Design, PeepalDesign

José Campos

Founder & Co-CEO, Tangível

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Head Of Design at Devoteam Creative Tech

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