International UX-PM session

International session

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  1. International UX-PM session
  2. What does it mean in practice?
  3. Is this the training for me?
  4. Details

Our experts from all over the world decided to combine their knowledge and prepare an International UX-PM session. This will be a special training conducted by a few trainers from different countries. Does it sound interesting to you?

International UX-PM session

UX-PM Certification is an international training program that empowers professionals to achieve business outcomes by adopting a human-centered design approach in their practice. The whole Certification consists of three levels. UX-PM is available in 19 countries and 7 languages. We decided to spread the word about UX-PM even more and scheduled an International UX-PM session. We are starting with Level 1.

What does it mean in practice?

Besides the standard program including six modules, an exam, and a certificate, you’ll have a chance to meet trainers and participants from all over the world. It will be a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge. The training will be conducted in Enligh, in European Time Zone, but it’s open to everyone, regardless of the country or native language.

Is this the training for me?

If you’re wondering if an International UX-PM session is for you, here are some suggestions that might help. Join the International UX-PM session if:

  • UX-PM is not available in your country or language
  • You work in an international team and communicate in English on a daily basis
  • You’d like to meet UX professionals from all over the world
  • You’re curious about the perspective of UX-PM trainers from different countries


The first session is scheduled for 12-14th April, CET. We haven’t started selling the tickets yet, but you can fill out the form which means putting you on the list of interested people. We’ll let you know when enough people are gathered. Click here to get more detail: MORE DETAILS

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