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Check what our UX-PM alumni have to say about the Certification

“When I attended the UX Certification, I was a Product Owner curious of what User Experience was about but unaware of the process and tools. Three years later I’m proud to say that UX and Agile are embedded in every solution we develop. This first encounter with UX through the UX-PM training program has been life changing for my company in the way we think and design our solutions”.

Gaetan Racine
UX Product Owner, Stelvio

I will undoubtedly take a lot of useful information to the company where I work. Today I can understand steps that are extremely important in the UX process and that we thought were irrelevant. Certainly today I can apply and explain the importance of UX within each and every company.

Gabriel P.
Front-end Developer, Sys Manager Informatica

“Great initial training, really introduces the concepts of UX and instigates to do the other levels. I would recommend it, especially for those who have little knowledge of the topic. With this level you will be able to begin to understand a wide field of studies, methodologies, and knowledge”.

Rafael L.
Project Analyst, Samsung

Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we have won agency pitch contests underpinning user-centered design strategies. I have also contributed to establishing a UX culture in the agency and now we justify all of our developments based on UX strategies in their different stages.

Sergio Andrés V.
Senior Developer, Socialand

Thanks to the certification I have planning and execution tools and tactics to positively impact the growth of a product. It strengthened my professional profile as a leader and I had the opportunity to meet incredible colleagues.

Vanessa A.
UX Designer, Globant

“I recommend it for those who want to improve and strengthen their knowledge on this discipline, and above all, for people who want to have a more holistic view on the management and execution of digital products and services”.

Luis A.
Tech Manager, UX Design Studio – Globant

Thanks to the certification I have planning and execution tools and tactics to positively impact the growth of a product. It strengthened my professional profile as a leader and I had the opportunity to meet incredible colleagues.

Vanessa A.
UX Designer, Globant

The programmatic content of the Certification is meticulous and of enormous scope. It gradually conveys all notions and helps do fully understand the complexity of the entire UX process.

José Santo
Programmer, Invest Bank

spain testi level 2

Once again, I’ve enjoyed a nice professional and personal experience while learning some new skills to apply to my work.

Laura Azcutia
Digital Sales Support Project Manager, Pepe Jeans London

I had no UX knowledge prior to enrolling in the UX-PM entry level, but I know how to manage digital projects. Highly recommended, as content and practical exercises go really deep.

Nacho Cruzado
IT Manager, ASTI Mobile Robotics Group

UX-PM Level 1 certification is a great introduction to User/Customer Experience world. I am fully convinced that methods UX adepts learn during Level 1 training will be a great help in projects for clients.

Michał Byrczek
Menedżer Komunikacji Internetowej, Credit Agricole

poland lvl 1 testi

UX-PM certification is a perfect combination of theory and practice. During professionally conducted 2 days of training participants organize their knowledge and apply it immediately to improve contact with clients and design processes within their organizations. Highly recommend!

Rafael L.
Project Analyst, Samsung

poland lvl 1 testi 1

I found this level denser, with more details and concepts of UX techniques. Level 2 takes you to a real immersion in the UX universe, going far beyond the conceptual introduction of Level 1. We are challenged to put each scenario into practice. I had the opportunity to clarify many doubts and I feel much more confident to work with User Experience.

Rebecca C.
Marketing Manager, Claro

Level 2 has helped me realize the real steps of a project when UX is most important and how to better understand the objectives of users. It helps to sell and convince the process of your digital projects to leaders.

Aliyah C. Director of Communications

An enormous advantage of UX-PM are its experts – practicioners with years of experience in UX field. Every theoretical part presented during training is supported by practical case studies from banking, telecommunication or FMCG industry. Group exercises are a great part of the session, which enables participants from very different industries to inspire one another.

Sonia Ciuk, Consultant, Accenture

It was one of the best trainings I’ve done. There was a balance between the theoretical part and the practical part. The trainers were very prepared and great teachers. As a Project Manager, I got to know more UX methodologies that can contribute to the success of my projects.

Daniela Tavares, Project Manager

I took a lot of courses in the UX field and certainly UX-PM is the one that delivers the most real value, depth in the subjects covered and very high quality instructors.

Marcus R.
Head of Design, Capgemini / Banco do Brasil

Absolutely loved it, enjoyed the interactions and great to now have a more formal framework for UX.

Paul P.
Project Manager

UX-PM certification explains the complexity of UX Designer work and gives you understanding why involving users in research on different stages of projects is essential.

Izabela Dziedzic
Head of UX, Orange

UX-PM 3 was very valuable in terms of providing us some strategies to convince stakeholders of the value of UX.

Rita Sargaço
UX Designer, GoContact

For any professional leading product teams, the UX-PM certification shows the best tools to improve efficiency and to integrate the UX as a key part of customer-centric Agile processes.

Carmen Consuegra
Product/UX Manager, X by Orange