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Psychology behind succesful digital products

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UX-PM Starter

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  • 24 video lessons
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  • 3 hours

UX-PM Starter in a nutshell

ikona 3 dni sesji

3 hours

ikona grupa szkoleniowa

24 video lessons

ikona networking

Online/Self paced

ikona egzamin

A follow-up quiz after each module

ikona certyfikat

Final assignment/exercise

Participant profile:
UX-PM Starter


  • Your career in UX/Product Management is at the beginning
  • You want to check if UX/Product Management is a career path for you
  • You are into psychology
  • You want to learn on principles of good design
  • You like self-paced courses
  • You want to improve your products with better UX
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Training agenda

Module 1

Experiences shaping Customer Decisions

  • How We Experience and Remember
  • What Experiences Mean for Business
  • Mapping Customer Journeys
  • Elements and Dimensions of UX
  • Quiz

Module 2

Human Limitations and Cognitive Biases

  • Human Factors / Ergonomics
  • Cognitive Limitations and Biases
  • How Human Factors Impact Design
  • Quiz

Module 3

Principles of good design

  • Emotional Design
  • Behavioral economics
  • Quiz 1
  • Designing for Attention: Gestalt Principles and Affordance
  • Designing for Attention: case study
  • Designing for Understandability: mental models and information scent
  • Designing for Understandability: case study
  • Designing for Operability: Fitts law, user effort, feedback
  • Designing for Operability: case study
  • Designing for Decision Making: Hicks’ law, avoiding chose overloads
  • Designing for Decision Making: case study
  • Designing for Satisfaction: motivation, flow
  • Designing for Satisfaction: case study
  • Quiz 2

Module 4

Improving products with better UX

  • Finding pain points with customer journey maps
  • Exercise: Detect issues and propose improvements (a template to download to implement + videos explaining different approaches)

After the course

  • You’ll understand the mechanisms behind user perceptions and behaviors
  • You’ll get knowledge based on international case studies on how great products support perception, understanding and operability
  • You’ll improve your product with behavioral economics

Worth knowing

  • UX-PM Starter will be a great starting point before UX-PM Level 1
  • The course was created by UX-PM trainers from all over the world
  • You’ll get a diploma confirming completion of the course

Experienced Global Trainers

Wojciech Chojnacki

Strategy Director, Symetria UX

Wojtek is co-managing Symetria UX, the most experienced UX agency in Poland. He worked as researcher, experience designer and experience strategy consultant for brands such as Orange, Santander Bank, LexisNexis and many others.
He has 10+ years of experience in UX training, including short courses, e-learning and postgraduate academic programs.
Focused on empowering organizations to boost their design maturity, Wojtek is the co-creator of UX-PM Certification and UXalliance Design Maturity Model.

Florian Egger, PhD

Managing Director, Telono UX, Switzerland

Florian Egger is the founder and principal of Telono SA, a Geneva-based user experience (UX) research and design agency he founded in 2005. He manages a team of user researchers and interaction designers who strive to make interactions with products and services more useful, more usable and more enjoyable. Florian has extensive international experience in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance or international organizations, where he has set up systematic user-centered design processes to achieve business success. Florian holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) From the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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