Ten thousand reasons to keep promoting UX training

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  1. The importance of UX
  2. 10,000 professionals
  3. Spread the word about UX

The importance of UX

For many years, the consultants who teach the UX-PM program have been pursuing one goal: to train and certify professionals from all over the world in UX. None of this is easy. It is hard work that requires a lot of dedication and study. Those interested rarely come to our doors. Instead, we must go looking for them. We ought to advise about the importance of UX, about how their career will be greatly transformed. We must mention the doors that will open and the possibilities that will arise. But all hard work has its great rewards. We are proud to announce that our UX-PM program has awarded Caroline Baumont the 10,000th certificate. This is not just another number. It is proof of our tenacity and belief in UX. But it also shows that, around the world, interest in this discipline is still alive and growing.

10,000 professionals

The 10,000th certificate fills us with momentum. Like a team that wins a soccer championship, those of us who are part of this project are already thinking about next season. In other words, our goal is renewed and even more ambitious. In our meetings we only talk about what we have to do to reach the 20,000 mark. We are confident that we will succeed. The future is more than promising. But let’s get back to the present. At UX-PM we never tire of repeating that User Experience solves business problems. Therefore, there are currently 10,000 professionals in the world trained by us who are working to transform companies, optimize their processes and create the best experiences for users. Are we responsible for this? Have we planted the seed? Have we driven this revolution? Maybe, but the success is not only ours. Each certified person follows his or her path and continues to train and work so that the discipline of UX Design is strengthened around the world.

Spread the word about UX

Those of us who teach the UX-PM program are also part of the UXalliance, created in 2005 by a group of people who shared a vision and passion for global user research. Today we are 27 partner companies and more than 500 UX experts spread across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. We’re a community of professionals with a common dream: to carry the UX flag to all corners of the world, to all companies, to all professionals. It is good to know that we are achieving it. The 10,000 certificate is proof of this. Thanks to each and every one of the certified professionals who have trusted the UX-PM program. They have also helped us spread the word. Right now, these people are helping to create better products, services and experiences. We couldn’t be more satisfied. Let’s keep the User Experience flame alive. Will you join us in taking the next step?

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