International webinar “How UX changes organizations”

International webinar

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Are you curious about the specifics of UX in different countries? How including UX into projects changes organizations in Mexico, Poland or France? You’ll have a chance to check it at the UX-PM international webinar “How UX changes organizations. International case studies”.

About UX-PM:

The UX-PM Certification is an international training program that empowers professionals to achieve business outcomes by adopting a human-centered design approach in their practice. This year we’ve reached 10,000 UX-PM certificates. UX-PM is offered in 19 countries, and in 12 languages. Regarding this, we’d like to share the international knowledge of UX-PM trainers and our alumni. That’s why we decided to organize an international webinar. Our guests will be Kaja Kalmus, Agile Coach at ING Hubs Poland and Ana Isabel Garza, Experience Design Lead at PepsiCo. The discussion will be moderated by Wojciech Chojnacki, Strategy Director at Symetria.

More about our speakers:

  • Poland: Kaja Kalmus – Agile Coach, ING Hubs Poland
    Over the past few years, she has successfully acquired knowledge about User and Customer Experience, Design Thinking and general agile methods. Her interest in these topics began when she joined ING Tech 4 years ago, where, as Agile Coach, she helps teams keep customer-centricity in their hearts and support the creation of close and lasting relationships with stakeholders.
  • Mexico: Ana Isabel Garza, Experience Design Lead, PepsiCo
    Ana Isabel has over 9 years of experience in digital design, currently leading the Experience Design team at PepsiCo. She has worked for media companies, consulting companies, and global financial institutions, which allowed her to transition naturally from graphic design and digital advertising into Product Design. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology and considers herself a nimble, strategic thinker with a designer’s background. Today, her background enables her to understand business challenges, address their complexity and provide simple solutions that drive growth.
  • Moderator: Wojciech Chojnacki – Strategy Director, Symetria
    He co-manages Symetria UX, the most experienced UX agency in Poland. He has 13 years of experience in the field of research, design and UX strategy for Polish and international clients. Co-creator and trainer of the UX-PM certificate and Design Leaders Masterclass program.

What will you learn about?

At the webinar you’ll get to know the UX tools, but also expand your perspective with the international issues. Alumni from Poland and Mexico will share their stories on how they incorporate UX tools and how their perspective has changed since they both changed their positions after completing UX-PM training. Kaja Kalmus will share some stories on how she uses the UX tools in working with the management team on creating new strategies and structure for the new departments and Ana Isabel Garza will explain what human-centered design means for her and what is essential for designers.

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