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  1. The UX-PM community
  2. Give your feedback

The UX-PM community

This year we’ve reached 10,000 UX-PM certificates. We’re happy that our community is still growing. That’s why we decided to create a separate space for knowledge-sharing and networking between UX-PM alumni from different countries and UX-PM trainers. What we’re planning for our alumni? Here are some ideas:

  • mentoring sessions
  • discussions groups in multiple languages
  • UX event calendar
  • international research insights
  • group UX challenges
  • any many more!

Give your feedback

We have a lot of ideas, but our objective is to build a community that would be interesting and useful for all of you. Regarding this, we need to get to know more about your expectations. Please, fill out a survey that will help us to define your needs. It will take 5 minutes.


Link to the survey: CLICK



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