Design Leaders Masterclass

International program for UX/CX/SD team leaders

  • September – December 2024
  • 13 weeks
  • 7 modules
  • Live sessions – Q&A, case studies (45 hours)
  • Self-paced content modules – videos, articles (18 hours)
  • English language
  • Price: $2850
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Design Leaders Masterclass

  • Online
  • Price: $2850
  • 8-12 seats
  • Live sessions & self-paced content modules

Design Leaders Masterclass in a nutshell

ikona 3 dni sesji

Leadership within Product Design/UX/CX

ikona grupa szkoleniowa

Program based on the UXalliance framework

ikona networking

Led by leaders for leaders

ikona egzamin

Trainers and participants from various countries

ikona certyfikat

Certificate sponsored by UXalliance

Participant profile:
Design Leaders Masterclass


  • You are a UX/CX/SD team leader
  • You are just starting a leadership role or your team is growing
  • You want to improve your team’s dynamics and relationships with other teams
  • You want to attract and retain the most talented designers, researchers, and strategists
  • You are looking for ways to increase the maturity of design in your organization
  • You completed the UX-PM Certification and seek further development
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Meet the trainers

DLM trainers

Training agenda

Module 1

Introduction to Design Maturity & Research Management

How to collect, organize, and use customer knowledge?

  • Introduction to Design Maturity
  • How to combine research results from different sources,
  • How to construct ready-made method sets for various project situations,
  • How to improve the effectiveness and impact of research by developing ResearchOps,
  • How to build communication rules between UX/CX/SD research and business.

Module 2

Design Management

How to improve service and product design processes?

  • How to formulate an effective design brief,
  • How to build and validate concepts of services/changes in services,
  • How to use prototypes appropriately,
  • How to build a set of resources, practices, and repositories for better design management (DesignOps),
  • How to properly involve different design roles and stakeholders in selected stages of a project.

Module 3


How to match skills and responsibilities of team members? How to foster cooperation?

  • How to manage roles, skills, and cooperation rules,
  • How to plan a system of career paths for designers, researchers, and other UX specialists,
  • How to build motivation, responsibility, and alignment among designers,
  • If the way UX/CX/SD teams work can build Employee Experience in the entire organization,
  • How to improve practices concerning cooperation and feedback.


Module 4


How do you make sure your organization’s culture supports design?

  • What tactics should be used to convince stakeholders,
  • What does Design Transformation mean in the context of other transformations within the organization (Agile, Lean, Digital Transformation),
  • How to inspire and strengthen customer-centric initiatives among employees,
  • How to build commitment step by step from the board and senior managers.

Module 5


How to estimate and measure the value of design?

  • How to describe the impact our work will have on the lives of our audiences,
  • How to define indicators of success,
  • How to choose business metrics that will help observe and prove change,
  • What tools to implement to measure user experience more effectively.

Module 6


How to include design in the company’s strategy?

  • How to help integrate UX/CX/SD goals into the company’s strategy, vision and mission,
  • How to systematically help implement the UX/CX/SD strategy,
  • What solutions for organisational structure and relationships be-
    tween teams to propose.

Module 7

Design leadership

How to combine the 6 dimensions of design maturity into one system?

  • The role and career path of a design leader,
  • Key leadership skills,
  • Trends and predictions,
  • Course summary.

Michał Kolasa

Sr. Director of Product Design, Chili Piper

The Design Leaders Masterclass program meets the real challenges facing every modern design team in technology companies. Many real-life examples and inspiring case studies. In fact, after each meeting, I was able to apply the knowledge I gained or be inspired enough to test a topic, approach, or process in my organization. The group of participants was not random. The diversity of companies or specialties let for great discussions and sharing of experiences.

Katarzyna Leśniok

UX Team Leader,

I am very satisfied with the course. As a beginner UX Team Leader I got a huge dose of knowledge that was delivered in a very accessible way. This let me sort out all the areas that I’m putting into practice from now on with a head full of inspiration and knowledge from more experienced course participants. I think it would have been much harder for me to step into my new role without it. The Design Leaders Masterclass program is worth every penny and every minute.

Katarzyna Popławska

Senior Product Designer, EcoVadis

I can definitely recommend it to anyone who goes beyond operations in their activities and starts to look at design as an area of related and interacting elements.

The program discusses these elements in a structured and interesting way, including research management, design, people, culture (so often overlooked but important topic), etc. There are examples from life, sharing of experiences, workshop exercises.

The material presented – a solid piece of knowledge, gold for developing your own strategy that meets the needs of the organization. I return to the material regularly and – what is quite interesting – I discover new things in it relevant to the place and time. 10/10.

Marcin Błaszczak

Senior Graphic Designer, Unum

Design Leaders Masterclass – is not only a great UX adventure!

– is a certified substantive program lasting 3. months.
– is an original approach to the training program (case study)
– is a large portion of knowledge: how to spread UX methodology in 6. areas within your organization – an absolute compass for any organization
– is a great opportunity to meet trainers from around the world at UXalliance: Florian Egger, PhD, Joelle Stemp and others
– is the unique presence and mentorship of Wojciech Chojnacki
– is hours of collaborative work on great cases and self-development
– is the opportunity to meet great people and exchange valuable experiences
– is a real change in formatting your approach to project work

What will you gain by participating?

Your competencies

  • You consciously develop the UX/CX/SD area in the organization and your career
  • You build the team and practices so that UX brings both business results and a good work culture
  • You confront your daily challenges with the point of view of other leaders
  • You stay in touch with trainers and participants to support each other in building design maturity


Your team

  • You create a work environment that will attract and retain specialists and experts
  • You improve collaboration and feedback practices
  • You build motivation, accountability, and alignment among designers

Your organization

  • You will set a long-term strategy for UX/CX/SD transformation in your company
  • You will analyze the level of design maturity of your organization in 6 dimensions, and then plan actions to increase its maturity
  • You will organize your organization’s UX/CX/SD goals with the knowledge and inspiration gained from experts
  • By learning the perspective of people in positions other than your own, you will gain a broader picture of the solutions implemented in your company and improve them

Experienced Global Trainers

Wojciech Chojnacki

Strategy Director, Symetria UX

Wojtek is co-managing Symetria UX, the most experienced UX agency in Poland. He worked as researcher, experience designer and experience strategy consultant for brands such as Orange, Santander Bank, LexisNexis and many others.
He has 10+ years of experience in UX training, including short courses, e-learning and postgraduate academic programs.
Focused on empowering organizations to boost their design maturity, Wojtek is the co-creator of UX-PM Certification and UXalliance Design Maturity Model.

Daniel Torres

CEO & Founder, Torresburriel Estudio

Daniel has over 20 years of experience in UX fieldwork. Passionate about UX and global user research, Daniel has edited several books, the latest being “Usability: Stop Suffering”. He is also the founder of UX Learn, a company focused on usability, user experience and service design training strategies.


Joelle Stemp

CEO, Yu Centrik, Canada

Joelle founded the UX & Service Design agency Yu Centrik in 2003 in Montreal, Canada; Yu Centrik is the exclusive Canadian partner of the International Association of UX Experts, UXAlliance. From the start, Joelle has been involved in developing and teaching the UX-PM Certification Program created in collaboration with her partners at UXalliance. She teaches the three levels of the UX-PM Certification training, as well as Design Thinking and Service Design. Joelle is a pioneer in the adoption of UX and service design in Canada. She began her career as a Designer and fell in love with human factors, people and technology. In her 20 plus years of experience, she’s been involved as a UX Researcher and UX Designer in a large range of digital projects with many well-known international companies. Joelle has been advocating to question the purpose of products and services as a starting point for design and how they might improve people’s lives. She loves to share her knowledge with others, and aims to foster a human-centered approach and a design culture within organizations

Florian Egger, PhD

Managing Director, Telono UX, Switzerland

Florian Egger is the founder and principal of Telono SA, a Geneva-based user experience (UX) research and design agency he founded in 2005. He manages a team of user researchers and interaction designers who strive to make interactions with products and services more useful, more usable and more enjoyable. Florian has extensive international experience in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance or international organizations, where he has set up systematic user-centered design processes to achieve business success. Florian holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) From the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Stefano Zanini

Assist Digital

Stefano is a Senior Consultant & Training Lead at Assist Digital
His expertise is in User Research, User Centered Design, Interaction Design, leading Design workshops to generate innovative digital products and services.

Rajesh Ghodke

Head of Design, PeepalDesign

Worked at Philips Design on embedded product UX, led the UX team in INDIA. IF Award winner for UX of Philips DECT phone range. Led the UX team at TPVision involved in developing world’s first Android Television Worked at Cognizant Interactive as UX head for Mobile Service Practice focused on enterprise mobile solutions.

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