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The UX-PM Certification is offered in 19 countries, and in 12 languages. More than 13,000 UX professionals have been trained by our worldwide experts.

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Building a UX mindset

The UX-PM Certification is an international training program that empowers professionals to achieve business outcomes by adopting a Human-Centered Design approach in their practice.

This training program is sponsored by UXalliance, an international network of 28 world leading UX companies.

The UX-PM Certification is offered in 19 countries, and in 12 languages.

Learn from UXalliance‘s most experienced UX practitioners who are eager to share their methodologies to help you improve your products and services.


Level 1

Adopting UX

  • Invest in UX, build internal capacity and increase value for your customers and for your organization.
  • Learn the fundamentals of UX, build your skills, and turn knowledge into action.
  • Put in practice a design framework based on Design Thinking
  • Pass the certification exam, build your UX toolkit, plan your next steps implementing some UX activities into your product or service development cycle
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Level 1

  • Online/onsite
  • 2-5 session days
  • 8-12 seats
  • 12 hours
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Level 2

Executing UX

  • Involve stakeholders to align the UX strategy
  • Learn to plan, coordinate and implement UX activities at each project phase: from initial vision to implementation
  • Choose the right user research methods, the right sample, and supervise interviews and usability tests
  • Optimize the UX activities to make it work in an Agile development cycle
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Level 2

  • Online/onsite
  • 2-5 session days
  • 8-12 seats
  • 12 hours
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Level 3

Leading UX

  • Deliver your products & services with a more integrated business strategy and with empathy for the customers
  • Assess how your organization is doing in terms of customer centricity and design maturity, and support the change
  • Learn how to define the right UX / CX metrics and anticipate the outcomes
  • Benefit from some proven practices from other experienced participants
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Level 3

  • Online/onsite
  • 2-5 session days
  • 8-12 seats
  • 12 hours
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User Experience for Product Management (UX-PM)

International Certification

The UX-PM certification is delivered by 19 UX agencies from all around the world. It is offered online or in person, depending on the modality offered by the country you live in.

The program allows professionals from different industries to understand what UX is all about, and to start using UX tools and methods in their everyday work.

Expert Practitioners

The Certification trainers are UX expert practitioners who have been involved in projects with the largest brands.

The training content is supported by years of experience in varied industries.

Our expert trainers demonstrate the most efficient tools they use in their practice


Training & Case Studies

We use case studies and stories from all around the world to bring relevance to the training and to illustrate practical use of the tools you will learn.

The UX-PM Certification is open to everyone and designed for any professional who wants to understand the fundamentals of UX, adopt UX in projects, and integrate a human-centered culture in their organization.

UX-PM Alumni Community

UX-PM Certification is only the first step. Further development starts in our international community. After each level of training, all alumni get access to the UX-PM Alumni Community. It’s a space for networking and knowledge sharing between alumni and UX-PM trainers from all over the world.

What’s waiting for them? Open discussion channels, Job Board, UX-PM Practitioner Program that includes live lessons, exercises, Q&A sessions, mentoring sessions, and many more.

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Meet our global expert trainers

UX-PM certification trainers are practitioners with many years of experience, working every day on projects for major brands.


Meet the trainers

Rajesh Ghodke

Head of Design, PeepalDesign

Mercedes Sanchez

Founder, MSUX

Wojciech Chojnacki

Strategy Director, Symetria UX

Joelle Stemp

CEO, Yu Centrik, Canada

Florian Egger, PhD

Managing Director, Telono UX, Switzerland

Daniel Torres

CEO & Founder, Torresburriel Estudio

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