Discover and Understand the Principles

  • Support UX Researchers doing research, increasing the efficiency and impact of research
  • Learn about the key building blocks of ResearchOps, and turn knowledge into action
  • Once you’ve finished the training, you have the means to kick-off Research Operations practices in your organization

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  • Online
  • 2 half-day + 2 hour follow up call
  • 5-7 seats
  • 10 hours

ResearchOps in a nutshell

ikona 3 dni sesji

2 half-day sessions

& follow-up call

ikona grupa szkoleniowa

Small training groups

5 – 7 people

ikona networking

Practical training

with exercises and concrete examples

ikona egzamin


with specialists from many sectors

ikona certyfikat

Certificate of participation

sponsored by UXalliance

Participant profile:


  • Anyone interested in research operations
    (PO/PM, lead designer, designOps, designer, researcher…)
  • Product teams who want to scale up the research


  • Understanding the fundamentals of User Research projects, regardless of you have been conducting research yourself
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Training agenda

Module 1

The context of organizations

What you will learn

  • Why customer centricity is one of the most strategic challenges of organizations today
  • The history of Ops


*hours may be different in each country

Module 2

An introduction to ResearchOps

What you will learn

  • What is ResearchOps?
  • The 6 ResearchOps components
  • How ResearchOps can support teams
  • Concrete examples of successful implementation of Ops


*hours may be different in each country

Module 3

How to operationalize

What you will learn

  • ResearchOps as a service
  • How to start with your Ops service
  • How to measure and show the value of Ops


*hours may be different in each country

Module 4

Mapping the state of your research practice

what you will learn

  • Identify who are your future ResearchOps users
  • Mapping the current state of the Research practice in your organization


*hours may be different in each country

Module 5

Follow-up call (individual)

what you will do

  • Review the Research Blueprint with your trainer
  • Define the action plan for your ResearchOps service (including KPI to monitor progress & impact)


Ninon D.

Senior UX Researcher

“It was a very thorough training, and I appreciate that there was a more practical component. I can truly envision myself applying what I’ve learned and continuing the work that began here.”


  • More organization have a UX research approach. However there’s a lack of efficiency of the research processes (recruitment, governance, knowledge transfer…)
  • Most of the ResearchOps position in organizations don’t have the tools and methods
  • There is a need for better processes: spend less, achieve more

Experienced Global Trainers

Joelle Stemp

CEO, Yu Centrik, Canada

Joelle founded the UX & Service Design agency Yu Centrik in 2003 in Montreal, Canada; Yu Centrik is the exclusive Canadian partner of the International Association of UX Experts, UXAlliance. From the start, Joelle has been involved in developing and teaching the UX-PM Certification Program created in collaboration with her partners at UXalliance. She teaches the three levels of the UX-PM Certification training, as well as Design Thinking and Service Design. Joelle is a pioneer in the adoption of UX and service design in Canada. She began her career as a Designer and fell in love with human factors, people and technology. In her 20 plus years of experience, she’s been involved as a UX Researcher and UX Designer in a large range of digital projects with many well-known international companies. Joelle has been advocating to question the purpose of products and services as a starting point for design and how they might improve people’s lives. She loves to share her knowledge with others, and aims to foster a human-centered approach and a design culture within organizations

Domitille Aulignier-Collin

Director Specialist CX, Devoteam

Domitille helps teams to design and to implement the experience of their digital products and services.

Her multidisciplinary background and her past experiences in marketing and CRM for advertisers and agencies allow her to understand the experience design issues of her clients (path, data, CX…)

Domitille puts her skills to the airlines company, water company services, …

Also, she manages a project for the deployment of a ResearchOps system in a bank.



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