Case study: UX-PM training for a Banco del Pacífico

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Table of contents

  1. Company information
  2. Business Challenge
  3. Scope of the project
  4. Results

UX-PM Certification empowers both individual professionals and entire organizations to achieve business outcomes by adopting a human-centered design approach in their practice. Digital transformation is a long-term process, so it’s good to have a supporting partner when facing this challenge. That’s why Banco del Pacífico, based in Ecuador asked Ayerviernes, our UX-PM partner from Latin America, to carry out UX-PM training in their company.

Company information

Banco del Pacífico is the second-largest bank in Ecuador with approximately 3,500 employees. Understanding that moving forward with digital transformation is necessary to offer more competitive services oriented to the user’s needs, the innovation management decided to start with training their people. Ayerviernes, our UX-PM partner, was the company that was in charge of scheduling the training.

Business Challenge

Adopting digital transformation processes is becoming a standard in the banking industry. To meet the needs of users and generate new ideas for business, Banco del Pacífico needed to acquire new methodologies and tools. What strategy was applied?

  • Certification of managers of the main areas that are in close contact with the UX team
  • Unifying concepts of the discipline – everyone speaks the same language
  • Acquiring quality knowledge and improving skills in the field of product and service design

Scope of the project

Ayerviernes provided all three levels of UX-PM Certification: adopting UX (Level 1), executing UX (Level 2), and leading UX (Level 3). The training was conducted over 6-8 hours per day. Among the participants were people from such departments as IT, innovation, marketing, new business, and UX design. Certification was also supported with UX Evangelization workshops for all bank employees.

The training started with an explanation of the key UX Design concepts. Then, participants worked on the tools and methods that are needed to move forward with the development of a digital project. Finally, they got knowledge on the best way to maximize a UX investment, how to build teams, and how to plan a project from start to launch.


After UX-PM Certification, the Banco del Pacífico team is prepared to implement innovations, carry out projects focused on user’s needs, and solve business problems. Right now, it is undoubtedly a very advanced organization in terms of cultural and technological adoption. A company has already incorporated a new vision that makes employees prepared for change. In addition, the organization has also become highly competitive in comparison to other companies from the same industry.

A case study is also available in the Spanish language: READ

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