Case study: UX-PM training for a bank in El Salvador

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Table of contents

  1. Company information
  2. Business Challenge
  3. Scope of the project
  4. Results

UX-PM Certification is available for individuals but also for companies. We decided to collect some case studies and share how UX-PM can support organizations in digital transformation. We are starting with a UX-PM training for the whole UX team of the bank in El Salvador. The challenge was taken on by Ayerviernes, one of our partners in Latin America.

Company information

The bank is in the process of digital transformation. It is a constantly growing organization that is creating new departments, including a UX department. The bank is evolving into an organization that delivers new digital products generating value for customers.

Business Challenge

Due to dynamic growth and digital transformation process, the bank decided to develop a UX department. The bank’s employee in charge of innovation and User Experience was faced with this challenge. The objective was to recruit qualified staff with proven experience and build a UX team. After a few months, the team was ready, but the knowledge needed to be unified. That was necessary to tackle upcoming projects with professionalism and a focus on the user. That’s why UX Leader together with Digital Transformation Manager and a Regional Director of Digital Transformation and Technology asked AyerViernes, one of UX-PM’s partners in South America, to provide UX workshops. It’s worth mentioning that the employee responsible for building the UX team had previously completed UX-PM certification, so he knew the potential of the training.

Scope of the project

In one week, more than fifteen people attended the workshop, doing exercises, learning about methodologies, listening to recommendations, and clarifying doubts, ultimately overcoming the knowledge gap and building the team’s professionalism. During the workshop, UX leaders were asked to provide a real problem they had at that time. Working on a real case let all team members understand how UX can help improve their work. In addition to the UX-PM certification itself, Ayer Viernes also supported the bank in El Salvador in other areas such as

  • UX methodologies and tools
  • Procedures of market, business, and user research
  • Analysis of resources to sell UX Design


It was a very intensive time for the participants, but thanks to this, in one week the UX team members were able to increase and unify the level of their UX knowledge. Team members set new goals that put the user at the center of the strategy and, as a result, strengthen the bank’s position.

A case study is also available in the Spanish language: READ

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